Friday, 21 August 2015

Why You Cannot Die Poor (1)

Napoleon Hill made a wonderful contribution when he said, "anybody can wish for riches and most people do, but a few know that a definite plan backed up with a burning desire for riches are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth."

Success to most people means the accumulation of money and material possessions, but in the opinion of John Mason in his best selling-book, "Why Ask Why," success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of being." There are only two ways of attaining true success in life, it is either through the proper development and use of ones gift or the imbecility of others. True success in life is only accomplished through the proper development of ones God-given potential.

But, how can one achieve success in the face of this extreme alarming tensions, pressures and temptations, live a life of true success with peace of mind. These questions and many more have been puzzling and bothering many people all over the world, given them nightmarish fear, anxiety and stress. The answers are hereby stated in this article with clarity.

For any work, career or vocation which does not lead you to know, love and serve God and humanity faithfully is contrary to the will of God.

You must put a new meaning and positive value into your life, knowing that God rewards those that diligently seeks Him (Hebrew 11:6). Your desire to achieve success in life should be a consuming passion to be the best you can be, achieving your potential through God's word.

Challenges and obstacles are bound to come on your way to true success in life. But your ability to convert such challenges to opportunities is what makes you a champion. For you to become successful in life, you must have to face challenges. Obstacles is what makes life interesting because whatever happens on your way to greatness is not new, it has happened to someone before, but what differentiates you from others is the ability to triumph over them.

Failure in life is not an excuse because God never created a failure. He created every man with a seed of greatness. In every life, God deposited a gift. It is the proper development of this gift that is called success. Failure is as a result of our inability to develop whatever potential God has deposited in us.
Harvey Mackey rightly noted in Swim With The Sharks that, “Find something you love to do and you will never have to look for a job, a day in your life." Years ago, I realized that most successful people on earth are those born into poor families. They work hard to acquire whatever they desire for life. They had passion for success. They see every adversity as an opportunity to greatness.

For instance, the story of my mentor will inspire you to live above any adversity you are facing right now. Dayo Olomu was born in London but loss his father when he was barely eight years old and life became a struggle from that moment. He was raised by his mother, a widow, who had neither education nor financial means but a big heart. She sold her properties to send Dayo and his younger brother to school.

Dayo acquired the passion for success when he was barely ten years old by selling iced water and biscuits on the street of Lagos - Nigeria to support his mother. According to him," the best thing that happened to me was growing up on the other side of the track without the privilege of wealthy parents. My mother instilled in me sound moral and spiritual values and the virtue of hard work. She made me believe the keys to success are hard work and faith in God." he concluded.

He got the shock of his life when he relocated to London in 1996 to discover that a fraudster had stolen his birth certificate, used it to obtain a National Insurance Number, opened a bank account and even got married with his name. Everywhere he went, he was informed that somebody was using his identity. At that point, he became difficult for the British authority to identify the real Dayo Olomu. He go to a stage he almost give up but he was resolute not to lose focus on his dream and vision. He returned back to college and today, the rest is history.

Dayo is now a world class motivational speaker, best-selling author, competent toastmaster and publisher who inspire everybody he meet to achieve greatness in life. I have benefited immensely from him and that is why I am more motivated than ever before. I am following my bliss as a motivational speaker, best-selling author, consultant and publisher.

Do you know what your real goals are? Are you working towards that goal? No matter your age, if you do not have a visible knowledge of your goals and what you want to accomplish in life, then, I challenge you to stop what you are doing in the next thirty minutes and write them down. Create your own mission statement, define who you are and know exactly what you are striving for in life.
Remember to keep your faith in God, do your part as a Christian, and no matter how many clouds may appear on your way to true success in life, believe the sun will surely shine again.

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